iW Enterprise Management Console (iWEMC) is a scalable fleet management solution ideal for medium to large enterprises. It is designed to manage, monitor and control multiple networked MFPs and printers across an organisation, for Canon and third-party devices1


Are you prepared for a return to the office?

Boost your productivity

Maximise your office productivity and focus on core business tasks by cutting through the challenges of managing a fleet.

Canon’s iWEMC delivers smart device monitoring and discovery and streamlines tasks, to accelerate efficiency and save costs.

Key benefits

iWEMC can support your business with greater visibility and management of your devices.

  • Enhanced fleet visibility from a single point of control

  • Increased productivity through streamlined processes

  • Simplified tasks with automated management

  • Reduced burden on IT and improved operational costs

  • Firmware Management

    Ability to update the firmware of multiple devices at the same time and perform version management of the firmware. This reduces the manual work of individual updates which can lead to errors, while keeping the firmware regularly updated to prevent security vulnerabilities.

    Firmaware Management
    counter information

    Counter Information

    Users can retrieve information on output printed from devices connected to the network, providing more efficient and accurate reporting for device usage and cost management.

    Address Book Management

    Enables can create, distribute and retrieve address lists on devices connected to the network, without the manual work of updating address books or users across devices.

    Cloud is the new normal
    Applications Management

    Applications Management

    Users can ensure continuous installation and updates of various everyday applications through centralised management.

    Device Setting Values Management

    The service provider can centrally manage the device setting information, including installing updates of various device settings remotely, freeing up time for the IT department.

    Device setting value
    Device status monitoring and alerts

    Device status monitoring and alerts

    The application notifies administrators of changes in device status via email, enables user to monitor devices in real-time and helping to address errors immediately.

    Device discovery and basic configuration

    Linked to device status and monitoring, this feature enables the user to discover devices from a central point and to configure basic information. This reduces physical interaction and saves time.

    A man and a women in an office pointing at a laptop screen.


    The dashboard provides a 360-degree update of fleet status at a glance and allows settings to be personalized based on business need.

    Key/CA certificate management2

    Users have the ability to add or remove device keys and CA certificates.

    Canon Camera
    Canon Camera

    Device settings monitoring and management2

    Monitoring device settings values and recording detected changes is made simpler with this feature.

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    1. Management of third-party devices will be limited
    2. Management of devices will be limited