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Surveillance Cameras

Where surveillance really matters, Canon's range of surveillance cameras offer a solution.  Compact, yet big on performance, they deliver outstanding image quality, even in low light where security risks are heightened.

Please be aware that the Canon Group Company, Axis Communications is now responsible for the sales and support of selected Canon surveillance cameras.

Canon Technology Strengths

Canon surveillance cameras offer a suite of capabilities; real-time image adjustment, multi-streaming and sophisticated video analytics, to diligently process, monitor and flag potential security breaches that translate into powerful evidence.
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Modern building at night

Imaging Across All Lighting Conditions

Drawing on a range of optical and image processing technologies, Canon network security cameras deliver fine, highly detailed images in all lighting conditions.

Minimising Project Costs

A wide angle of view and advance alarm detection abilities combined with extensive weather and impact protection, provide a wealth of security capabilities in reducing project costs.
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Product Range

Harnessing over 70 years of imaging expertise, Canon’s comprehensive range of surveillance cameras keep every angle covered. Featuring PTZ, Dome, and Box camera models with Full HD or 1.3MP resolution, they deliver a wide field of vision and impressive image quality - even in low light.

PTZ Cameras

A range of 4K remote pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras with exceptional image quality, designed to fit in with a variety of productions and applications.

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Wide field of view

Where surveillance spanning large areas is required, the Pan, Tilt and Zoom capabilities of these models pay dividends. Huge areas can be quickly surveyed - manually or automatically - and subjects can be easily tracked and monitored. Whenever further inspection is required, powerful zoom functionality allows for detailed, high-quality close-ups, even in low light situations.

Optional housings and accessories

Flexible installation is ensured as our PTZ cameras can be powered through the mains or via Ethernet connection. Camera housing options, for example in smoke in smoke or clear, provide installation flexibility for a diverse range of environments – from car parks to concert venues.

PTZ Cameras
With effortless control you can monitor expansive areas and follow subjects easily with our cameras’ Pan Tilt Zoom capabilities.

Dome Cameras

In environments where discretion is important, our Dome cameras provide the perfect solution.

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Compact and discrete

Our Dome cameras are designed with discretion in mind, with our ultra compact VB-S models so small that they can fit in the palm of your hand. A range of recess mounting accessories ensure that each model can be installed discreetly and in keeping with the aesthetics of the installation environment.

Remote PTRZ Setup

Once installed, the Camera Angle Setting Tool - accessed via the PC - allows the camera’s functions (PT- R-Z) to be accessed remotely. This means factors such as focus and camera direction don’t need to be considered during the physical installation, as these can all be done at the PC. This saves time and also means less people are required during installation.

Dome Cameras

Box Cameras

Built to fit a diversity of security applications, our Box cameras enjoy wide viewing angles and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Wide angle views

Wide angle views of up to 112 degrees enable you to monitor huge areas with just a single camera. This means surveillance networks can be established with fewer cameras, keeping costs down. Even at the widest viewing angles, image quality remains impressive, with Canon’s optically corrected lens reducing “fish-eye” effects.

Simple installation and operation

These cameras are designed for quick and simple out of the box installation, with no pre-installation set-up needed. A range of outdoor accessories provides outdoor configuration flexibility with wall, ceiling or pole mounting options available. When in use, An Electronic Rear Focus System within our VB-H and VB-M Box cameras maintains focus while zooming.

Box Cameras

PowerShot ZOOM

Get close with this ergonomically shaped 12MP compact telephoto monocular. With one lens boasting a quick 3 step zoom and a bright EVF, this agile, fully auto PowerShot is ideal for discreet spotting, surveillance to capture incidents in stills and movies.

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A pocket-sized PowerShot that always gets you close

This portable digital monocular offers discreet security monitoring and surveillance thanks to excellent ergonomics and a matt black finish, with USB-C charging2 for maximum versatility.

More powerful for specific needs

Record footage in Full HD up to 29mins 59secs or take 12 MP date-stamped3 stills to get results that helps law enforcement in low light, thanks to the high ISO capability.

PowerShot ZOOM

Crowd People Counter Software

Count large numbers of people in a predefined area for a real-time response or statistical data.

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2. No charger supplied with the camera. Minimum charging requirement is a USB PD compliant power source providing a minimum of 5V, 1.5A with a USB Type-C output and using the provided USB Type-C to Type-C cable.

3. Date-stamp for still images only.