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Canon’s Approach to Privacy

Respect for people has always been at the heart of Canon. This foundation has created the four pillars of our approach to privacy.

  • Respectful

    Canon has an unwavering commitment to protecting the personal data of our customers and our employees. We are guided by Kyosei – living and working together for the common good.

  • Trustworthy

    As an international brand that people trust, Canon understands that we need to continuously work to maintain this trust through robust technical and organisational measures.

  • Ethical

    The Canon Privacy Accountability Framework ensures that we do the right things in a consistent way for the benefit of the individuals who entrust their personal data to us.

  • Enabling

    We encourage our partners and suppliers to maintain the same level of respect, trust and ethical behaviour in relation to data protection and privacy, that we expect of ourselves.

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Data Protection Principles

Compliance with data protection principles is a fundamental building block of Canon’s approach to privacy. See how they lie at the heart of our data protection regime.

Canon's Commitment to Accountability

We demonstrate compliance through systematic documentation, while supporting our customers with their own accountability obligations.

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“I am proud that our privacy vision, ‘Protecting Your Personal Data’, coupled with Canon’s commitment to ethical business practices, underpin Canon’s approach to privacy management. We always treat the personal data of others in the same way as we would expect our own data to be treated.”

Fred Oberholzer, EMEA Privacy Director and Group Data Protection Officer
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Privacy Governance

Learn how the Canon Privacy Accountability Framework helps us protect your personal data consistently.

Privacy Notices

Privacy notices are available for each country in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the local language.

Privacy Enquiries, Complaints & Requests

Your individual rights requests, enquiries and complaints can be submitted to Canon using the link provided below. This form should only be used for privacy related matters. We are unable to answer general questions and requests for technical assistance with your Canon products and services.

Marketing Preferences

If you would like to update marketing preferences you can do so by selecting the self-service functionality below.

Technical & Organisational Measures

Learn about the technical and organisational measures we take to ensure compliance with data protection obligations.

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Canon as Data Processor

Thanks to our robust portfolio of products, services and solutions, we can support our customers as processor of their data.

Canon’s Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

Learn more about Canon’s sustainability efforts here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Canon’s approach to privacy and data protection. For more information or to ask a question not answered here, please get in touch by writing to us at

How can individuals contact Canon to exercise their data subject rights (e.g. right to access, right to rectification, right to erasure)?

Individuals may exercise their rights by writing to us at

If I have an enquiry or would like to make a complaint, how do I do so?
You can submit your privacy related enquiries or complaints by writing to us at

What is a Data Protection Officer?
A Data Protection Officer ensures, in an independent manner, that the organisation applies the laws protecting individuals' personal data.

Who is Canon’s Data Protection Officer?
We have a few Data Protection Officers ("DPO") within the Canon Europe Group of companies. The Group Data Protection Officer is Fred Oberholzer, who can be contacted at other DPOs can be contacted at the email addresses provided below:

Canon Europe Group company Contact email
Canon Deutschland GmbH (CDE)
Canon Schweiz AG (CCH)
Canon Austria GmbH (CAT)
CBC Dresden GmbH
Canon Giessen
NT-Ware Systemprogrammierung GmbH

How is privacy governed in Canon?
Canon’s Group Data Protection Officer is supported by a network of DPOs and Privacy Champions, whose roles and responsibilities are clearly defined which helps ensure compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy and data protection laws throughout EMEA.

The Canon Europe Group (Canon EMEA) spans Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Across this large region there are many different privacy laws that apply. The Canon Privacy Accountability Framework was developed to ensure that privacy considerations are dealt with in a uniform and standardised way across all our markets and for the smooth operation of our business. The requirements of the European Union and other European, Middle Eastern and African privacy legislations have been incorporated into the Canon Privacy Accountability Framework.

Does Canon conduct risk assessments around personal data?
Canon EMEA has well defined governance, risk management and compliance processes. These processes include:

• Privacy risk assessments

• Privacy impact assessments/data protection impact assessments

• Vendor risk assessments

• Security assessments

Does Canon maintain Records of Processing Activities (RoPA)?
Canon has processes in place to comply with privacy requirements including maintaining/updating Records of Processing Activities and completing Privacy Impact Assessments(PIA)/Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA).

Does Canon have formal processes for handling data breaches?
Canon is firmly committed to protecting the personal data of all stakeholders including employees, suppliers and customers. In order to meet this commitment and our obligations under applicable data protection laws, Canon has implemented a ‘Breach Management Policy’. This policy explains what constitutes a data breach and the initial steps that employees should take when a suspected data breach is discovered. There are a number of operational guidelines that supplement this policy.

Are Canon employees trained on privacy?
Canon employees and contractors receive mandatory training on privacy and data protection. Additional mandatory training is provided to our Privacy Champions who are assigned with special responsibility for privacy in their specific business area.

Are Canon employees who access and process personal data committed to respect confidentiality?
All Canon employees, including those who work with the personal data of our employees, partners or customers, are bound by confidentiality provisions in employment contracts. The importance of confidentiality is continuously reinforced through training and awareness creation.

Are Canon vendors and other third parties compliant with data protection regulations?
Canon requires that third parties, including vendors and partners, who process personal data on behalf of Canon are contractually bound to safeguard any personal data they receive from Canon and are prohibited from using the personal data for any purpose other than to perform the services as instructed by Canon. Canon has also implemented a risk-based compliance assessment for suppliers handling Canon or Canon’s customers’ data.

How does Canon comply with data transfer restrictions across the EMEA regions in which it operates?
Canon uses appropriate transfer mechanisms such as Standard Contractual clauses, where applicable. In jurisdictions where Standard Contractual clauses are not available, Canon complies with local privacy requirements.

Where can I get more information about any of the topics discussed in the ‘Canon Privacy Trust Centre’?
If you have any specific question related to any content on these webpages, please contact the Privacy Officer at

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