Cloud Workspace Collaboration
Process Automation

Businesses are striving to achieve swift digital transformation and increased efficiencies in information management and processing. With Process Automation which is part of the Canon’s Cloud Workspace Collaboration solutions, the power is in your hands.


Collaborate from anywhere

Capture documents, initiate business processes and instantly find required information whether your work is in the office, at home or on the go.

Key Benefits

  • Structure and secure your information

  • Optimise business processes

  • Reduce workload with automation

  • Integrate information from paper and digital

  • Enable efficient remote working

  • Easily find information you need

How can Cloud Process Automation help your business?

Managing fast growing amount of confidential and business critical content quickly becomes a priority for businesses of any size.

Information management solutions can be complex to implement, integrate and maintain but Canon’s Cloud Process Automation takes the hassle away. It’s fully managed in the cloud, comes pre-configured for popular business processes and is ready to use in minutes.

The simple to use platform enables you to capture, create, manage and store all your business information in one place. Imagine the impact on your customer service and internal processes with being able to locate, securely access and process the right information instantly, from anywhere.

Deploy on your Canon MFD devices or network scanners using a simple wizard. Use on a PC to capture digital files or scan using small MFD or document scanner.

Simplify document scanning and indexing with simple to use one button scanning and centralised scan queue accessible from anywhere

Use pre-configured processes or create your own to match your business requirements and turn your information into a strategic asset.

Strengthen information security and compliance

Sensitive documents are classified and indexed following automatic capture and extraction of relevant content in line with specific document processes.

Collaboration is enhanced thanks to digital approval workflows and fully structured and indexed databases.

Content security and compliance is improved with advanced retention and compliance rules that can be easily put in place across the entire document lifecycle.

Peace of mind with a solution audited by independent security experts who attest it enables compliance with the data protection requirements such as EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Smart capture

Bring the intelligence to your scanning device: enable it to read, recognise and alert you if there are any issues with the document, and dispatch it to the right department.

Simplify document scanning and indexing with one-button scanning and centralised scan queue accessible from anywhere to make complex capture workflows easy to use across your organisation with no training required.

Available directly from the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE / DX and network scanners screen or use on a PC to capture digital files and scan using TWAIN compatible MFDs or document scanners.

Secure, digital repository

Secure your data within a cloud-based digital repository, hosted on Microsoft Azure ensuring highest level of security and service and allowing you to access your data anytime, anywhere in a secure way.

Easily find documents based on its metadata or contents, regardless of where it’s saved in the system. Enable secure, real-time collaboration with smart version controls allowing employees to work together on the latest documents with confidence.

Boost productivity by automation of time-consuming administrative or core business processes and gain ability to analyse and optimise them further.

Key Features

Integrated end to end solution

Includes smart capture and a secure by design digital repository, pre-integrated with single sign-on from a central portal allowing for user management and information sharing.

Pre-configured applications

Use the preconfigured applications (Invoice Approval, HR digitization or Contract Management), expand them or create completely new ones with this open platform

Fully scalable cloud solution

Built for any size of business, it can easily expand with the growth of your organisation or you can implement new applications for different departments.

Powerful workflows

Starting from capture through to document management, you can automate your processes and decrease the time needed to complete them, increase accuracy, improve visibility and traceability.

Fast data capture

With features such as automatic document recognition, passport or identity card scanning and validation, and IRIS™ OCR and compression technologies, you can process and index all your documents quickly and efficiently.

Real-time information access

With all your data in the secure cloud, you can quickly and easily retrieve any files as you need them, when you need them, from anywhere - your information moves with you!

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