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Canon XA30

A compact, affordable and versatile professional HD camcorder, ideal for corporate, events and weddings.


  • Wide 26.8mm¹, f/1.8-2.8 lens, 20x zoom with intelligent 5-axis OIS and Dynamic IS

  • 1/2.84” HD CMOS Pro sensor with improved sensitivity for enhanced low-light performance and lower noise

  • Wide DR mode (600%) and Highlight Priority mode² maintain highlight/shadow detail for a more natural image

  • Dual-format recording: Full HD AVCHD (28Mbps) or MP4 (35Mbps) to 2 x SD cards

  • Detachable handle with professional XLR inputs and built-in IR lamp

  • 8.77cm (3.5”) OLED touchscreen for excellent resolution, contrast and colour reproduction

  • 1.56m dot EVF and 45° tilt for flexible shooting

  • Fast and slow motion (x2 to x1200) with interval recording in MP4 mode

  • Built-in dual band WiFi for remote control, file transfer/upload and browser preview

  • GPS capable with optional accessory

Detailed Features

  • 20x zoom wide angle Canon HD video lens

    Capture superb quality footage thanks to the XA30’s stunning and versatile 26.8mm¹ wide angle lens. A 20x zoom gets you up close to the action, while Dynamic Optical Image Stabilisation compensates for shake in 5 directions to provide ultra-steady images. f/1.8 maximum aperture, an 8-blade iris and EDM technology enable beautiful ‘bokeh’ effects.

  • Improved 1/2.84" HD CMOS Pro sensor

    The newly developed Canon HD CMOS Pro sensor achieves an effective pixel count of approximately 2.91 megapixels to deliver stunning Full HD picture quality. With increased sensitivity and an improved signal-to-noise ratio, low light images in particular appear cleaner with reduced noise.

  • Flexible new image settings

    Two new picture settings help you achieve even more impressive results. Wide DR mode gives you a 600% dynamic range, resulting in bright images with high contrast that retain detail in both highlight and shadow areas, without the need for post-production. Highlight Priority mode reproduces footage with more natural tones, richer colours and detail particularly in areas of high brightness² perfect for scenes with bright skies and reflective surfaces.

  • 8.77cm (3.5") OLED touchscreen and tiltable EVF

    Despite its compact size, the XA30 provides high-quality monitoring. An easy-to-use OLED touch screen with a 1.23 million dot resolution offers faster response times and superior definition, contrast and colour reproduction compared to LCD equivalents. A 0.61cm (0.24”) 1.56 million dot EVF can tilt up to 45° - easily accommodating a range of shooting positions.

  • Versatile dual-format recording

    AVCHD video can be recorded at up to 28Mbps in 1080/50P; while for maximum quality, select the 35Mbps 1080/50P MP4 recording mode. The two SDXC/SDHC memory card slots allow for simultaneous recording³ of high-quality HD and lower resolution MP4 files for easier file transfer – ideal when a quick turn-around of footage is needed. Fast and slow motion recording options with interval recording (x2 to x1200) are available in MP4 modes.

  • Professional audio

    The XA30 features comprehensive audio control. Two XLR terminals provide professional connectivity, while high quality linear PCM and Dolby Digital recording options come as standard.⁴ A built-in microphone and 3.5mm input jack offer extra choice and flexibility.

  • Infrared shooting

    The XA30 can easily be used at night or in low ambient light conditions thanks to the improved sensor sensitivity and bright infrared light source built into the handle – making it ideal for the wildlife videographer.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi, expandable for GPS

    Transfer footage wirelessly using an iOS phone or tablet, or via FTP at up to 150 Mbps⁵. Remotely control camera functions through a Wi-Fi enabled device with no need for separate apps. Location data can be recorded using an optional GPS accessory.

  • Compact, lightweight body

    With its detachable handle, this discreet and highly portable camera is ideal for shooting in sensitive or confined environments. Its lightweight body reduces fatigue during extended periods of hand-held filming.¹ 35mm equivalent² Monitor brightness settings may need to be increased³ Simultaneous recording not available in 1080/50P recording modes⁴ Linear PCM audio available in AVCHD 28Mbps recording mode only⁵ Wireless internet access point required for FTP file transfer


  • Full HD

  • HD Video Lens

  • Wide Angle Lens

  • 20x Optical Zoom

  • Steady shots in every situation

  • Steady shooting on the move

  • Superb low-light shooting

  • DIGIC Processing Power

  • Capture both highlight and shadow detail without the need to grade

  • Prioritise highlight detail

  • Creative time-lapse recording

  • Built-in WiFi for easy remote control

  • 8-Bladed Circular Aperture

  • 28Mbps AVCHD recording

  • 35 Mbps MP4 recording

  • Professional Audio

  • 8.8cm Organic LED touch screen

  • Dual SDXC card slots

  • Instant Auto Focus

Canon XA30
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