Canon EOS 90D: Versatility

EOS 90D Versatility Article

Intuitive DSLR design

The EOS 90D is the result of years of refinement of camera design – a process of continuous improvement that has resulted in a camera that feels intuitive from the moment you pick it up. You’ll notice the small details, like dual multi-controller dials that allow you to adjust focusing while shooting, and customisable shooting modes and controls.

EOS 90D Take a clear view Zoom Lens
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Take a clear view

Of course, being a DSLR, the EOS 90D has an intelligent optical viewfinder that lets you follow moving objects accurately, such as birds in flight, and time your shots to perfection. Information is overlaid on this real-time view, keeping you up to date with every aspect of the camera’s performance.

EOS 90D All-day battery life
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All-day battery life

A large battery delivers 1300 shots on a single charge,* so you can keep shooting for longer when you are out on location. A battery grip allows a second battery to be used, doubling the shooting time between charges and enhancing handling when shooting vertically.

EOS 90D Balance and Comfortable Grip
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The EOS 90D’s classic DSLR design, with its sculpted grip, feels balanced and comfortable when shooting with long or short lenses, further boosting the appeal of this camera to wildlife and sports photographers.

EOS 90D Built-in wireless connectivity
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Built-in wireless connectivity

The EOS 90D features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allowing not only quick and easy image sharing via a smart device running the Canon Camera Connect app,* but also remote camera control. See what the camera is seeing on your device’s screen, adjust settings and change modes, and take pictures without being next to your camera. A great way to photograph wildlife up close without scaring it away. Images can also be synchronised with your Smart Device or PC/Mac when at home.

The EOS 90D can also be remotely tethered to your PC or Mac using the supplied EOS Utility software – a great way to shoot in the studio.

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