Canon EOS 90D: Shooting Video

EOS 90D Shooting Video

Superb creative video

Shoot amazing video at resolutions up to 4K at 25 or 30p using the full width of the camera’s sensor, for a truly cinematic look.

A selection of frame rates

When shooting in Full HD mode, a range of frame rates is available, from 30 or 25fps to a smooth 50 or 60fps – ideal for moving subjects. A 100 or 120fps option is also available, which is superb for slow motion effects.*

In-camera 4K time-lapse, with 3 different pre-sets, allows you to portray motion on a completely different timescale. 4K frame grab allows 8 megapixel JPEG images to be created from individual frames of video footage.

*High frame rate movies include a slight crop to the image area of 84.1% horizontal, 84.2% vertical”

EOS 90D Selection of frame rates
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Built for filmmaking

When using the EOS 90D for video projects, you’ll notice features that are designed to make life easier, so you can be more creative. For example, the camera’s Vari-Angle touchscreen helps you shoot from virtually any angle, and microphone and headphone sockets let you record and monitor audio precisely.

Our renowned Movie Servo Dual Pixel CMOS AF system can track moving objects around the frame, including faces thanks to its Face and Eye Detection AF capability, which can be active even when shooting movies. Shifting focus from one subject to another is as easy as tapping the camera’s touchscreen – you can even adjust focus on the screen of your smart device running the Canon Camera Connect app. The speed of focusing can be set in the camera’s menu system, allowing you to create slow or fast pull-focus effects.

Manual focusing is also easy, with focus peaking that shows what’s sharp and what’s not using colourful outlines.

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