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Selphy Photo Layout App

Create and print photo collages directly from your smartphone on your portable photo printer.

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The easy, quick way to print multiple photos on one page

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Selphy photo layout

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Multiple layouts from shuffle to bookmarks to stickers

  • Shuffle Layout automatically shuffles photos of different aspect ratios to create a collage
  • N-up layout divides paper evenly into 2, 4 or 8 photos per page
  • Bookmark creates two lengthwise layouts for bookmarks
  • Combination layout, puts photos of assorted sizes together that can then be cut apart after printing.
  • Sticker Layout creates layouts suitable for printing on SELPHY sticker paper KC-18IL, KC-18IS (sold separately)

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Collages made using this free picture montage app can be printed directly from your smartphone on SELPHY CP1300 or SELPHY Square QX10 or saved back to your smart device for printing from the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app on SELPHY CP1300.

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The SELPHY Photo Layout app is available for free download via the Apple App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

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