RF mount cinema camera

Featuring the RF mount system, the Cinema EOS C70 bridges DILC & Cinema Cameras.
EOS C70 Camera with Lenses

Large Diameter Mount

The EOS C70 is the first Cinema EOS Camera to utilise Canon’s revolutionary RF Mount Technology featuring cutting-edge optical performance.

EOS C70, RF Mount
Man holding EOS C70, EOS cinema camera
Man shooting with EOS C70, EOS cinema camera

Short Back Focus System

Having a shorter flange back distance of approx. 20mm (which is less than half of the distance on DSLR cameras), allows lenses to fit closer to the focal plane of the camera’s sensor. This short back focus not only allows the camera body design to be more compact, but also gives more freedom for the optical system to be utilised for corner-to-corner sharpness.

12-Pin Data Communication System

The RF mount communication system utilises multiple channels dedicated to specific functions; its revolutionary data system enhances lens and camera cooperation and functionality.

Smooth aperture control, broader area AF and improved focus precision, plus highly sophisticated optical correction and improved image stabilisation are the result.

RF lens, Image stabilisation

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