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Our Vision

Today is a different world to 10 years ago. In 2017, 4.7 trillion photos were stored digitally, and in just a few years we’ll be storing 5.2 terabytes for every person on Earth. Digital has changed everything. It enables us to achieve more, to eliminate errors, and to make services more convenient. But this change has also led to higher expectations from today’s customers, who are hungry for new possibilities. Our job at Canon is to provide you, our Partners, with the tools you need to meet your customers’ needs and continue to flourish as successful businesses.

EMEA Canon Partner Programme

Value Propositions

Realise your growth potential, work more efficiently, and increase profitability through our 5 pillars of success:


We can help you diversify your business by seizing opportunities to expand into new markets.

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We will share our content, knowledge and marketing insights with you, defining your goals and building better business together.



We can help you grow your business by helping you stand out from the competition and drive demand through marketing and sales activities.



We can help you win more opportunities by helping you maximise your sales and increase your win rate.

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We can help you reduce your admin load, so you can stay focused on your goals.

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Partner Tiers

Our new Programme has been designed to provide you with a clearly structured journey which supports growth, benefits that recognise and reward your achievement and expertise, and the focus and visibility to measure your success.

EMEA Canon Partner Programme Guide

Interested? See how your business could benefit with our guide to the EMEA Canon Partner Programme.

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