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*Applies to the selected products outlined below

*Terms & Conditions apply


Buy any of the selected cameras and match it with the lens you need to capture that perfect moment.

Register both selected camera and compatible lens within promotional period and get up to €500 reward


*Terms & Conditions apply

Selected EF Lenses

Selected Cinema Lenses

Selected RF Lenses

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Q: When will I receive my cashback payment?

Canon will endeavour to issue a bank transfer within 28 days of receipt of a valid cashback claim, NOT within 28 days from the date of purchase. If there is missing or incorrect information provided with a cashback claim then this will also delay the process as the bank transfer will be made 28 days after all the correct information is received. Please note we cannot be held responsible for retailers/sellers who advise customers, incorrectly, that they will receive payment 28 days from the date of purchase.

Q: How will I know if my claim is delayed due to incorrect or missing information?

Upon having successfully registered online for a Canon cash back promotion, you will be sent by email a confirmation of your application containing both your reference number and personalised log-in details for a website on which you can check the status of your claim and its progress to payment. In the event that you have registered any incorrect information, this will reflect on that site and you will also be sent an email informing you of the information still required. The quickest way for to provide us with any missing information is by logging in to that website and updating your details.

Q: What formats can be used for uploading documents as part of the registration process and are there any size restrictions?

Please note! Your file should not be larger than 4 MB. You can only upload JPG, TIF and PDF.

Q: How will I know when payment will be made?

Once your claim has been successfully validated we will begin the payment process and you will receive an email informing you of the expected date by which the payment will be transferred to the bank account details you have provided.

Q: How will the payment reflect on my bank account?

Please note that cash back promotion payments will be made in the name of Sales Promotions, so your bank details will most likely reflect that name and not Canon.

Q: I paid for my product by credit card so why can my payment not simply be refunded back onto that same credit card?

Canon cash back payments can currently only be made by bank transfer from our bank to the personal bank account details that you have provided at the time of registration.

Q: What do I do if any of my registered account details have changed since my initial registration for a Canon cash back promotion and I wish to update them?

You can update your bank details at any time via the Customer Online tracking System, using the log in details provided to you. This is the most secure way to update these. Please note, that if it is close to your payment due date you should also contact us by phone to inform us you will be updating these, so the payment does not go on the old account details on file.

Q: How can you assure me that it is safe for me to enter my bank account details on-line as part of a Canon cash back promotion?

Our website is protected with Rapid SSL.

Q: What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol for enabling data encryption on the Internet and for helping web site users confirm the owner of the web site. SSL is most commonly used to protect communications between web browsers and servers. However, it is increasingly used for server to server communications and for web-based applications.

Q: How do web site visitors know if a web site is using SSL?

When a browser connects to a secure site it retrieves the site's SSL certificate and checks that it has not expired, that it has been issued by a Certificate Authority the browser trusts and that it is being used by the web site for which it has been issued. If it fails on any one of these checks the browser will display a warning to the end user. If it succeeds, several security indicators are built into modern browsers to indicate that SSL is enabled.
•The beginning of the URL or web address changes from http:// to https://
• A padlock on the browser window changes from open to closed.
• The address bar will turn green and display the name of the web site owner when connecting to a web site protected by an Extended Validation SSL certificate.
In addition, a trust mark such as the RapidSSL site seal may be added to web pages on a secure site.

Q: I have ordered a Canon product within the dates specified for the promotion but it will not arrive / be delivered by the retailer until after the valid promotional dates have passed – can I still apply for this cash back promotion?

Please keep the order confirmation you have (which will be in the promotional dates) and send together with your Invoice when you fill in the application. There is a grace period of one month, after the last purchase date allowed, so you would be able to supply your documents.

Q: I was unaware of this promotion and I purchased a product a few weeks before / after the specified promotion dates. Can Canon make an exception and authorise a cash back for my purchase?

We apologise that you have had this experience; however you can apply for the promotion only if your product is purchased within the dates stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.

Q: What is considered to be an acceptable proof of purchase?

For in-store purchases Canon requires a copy of your receipt showing payment and the necessary product serial number information For online purchases Canon requires a copy of your order payment confirmation and the necessary product serial number information as well as information on shop and product.

Q: What transactions/products are excluded from this cashback?

Exclusions are detailed in the Terms and Conditions. In summary, the exclusions include the following:
1. Non-promotional products (see HERE for a full list of promotional products)
2. Product purchased outside the promotional period or outside of promotional territory
3. Second-hand, refurbished or reconditioned products, or products which are counterfeit or infringe the intellectual property rights of the Canon group of companies in anyway (for example, including but not limited to parallel or “grey” products)

Q: On the on-line claim form, what do you mean by ‘payment option’?

This refers to how you originally purchased the product.

Q: Where is the product serial number?

To locate the serial number VISIT THE LINK HERE [http://www.canon.co.uk/Support/Consumer_Products/where_to_find_your_serial_number/] and it will show you where it is for your product[s]. Please DO NOT confuse the serial number with the EAN/Barcode. The photo below represents the EAN/Barcode, which usually resides on the side of the product box, this is NOT the product serial number that you are required to submit to validate your claim. The serial number is located on the body of the product itself, to help you find your serial number please consult our guide here.


Q: Why can’t I log onto the website with my tracking code?

Please note the login is case sensitive so please ensure you type it in exactly (with upper/lower case).
For the following issues when trying to register on-line:
- I’ve been trying to register for some time and it won’t let me
- I keep getting a ‘not authorised’ message
- I’ve tried resubmitting the form but it won’t work.
In MOST instances this is down to the device you are trying to access the website from i.e. a mobile/smart phone, apple mac, other device etc. it’s not a fault with the website. You will need to consult the manufacturer of the product you are using for advice in these instances. If the above frequently asked questions have not answered your query, you can email us on the email address below or if your enquiry is urgent you can call us on the following number +44 (0) 207 660 0186 or visit the Canon support page.

Q: Why my e-mail address was not recognized when I have registered lens for cashback?

You need to use THE SAME e-mail address for registration of your camera and any of the lenses purchased from the promotional list. This way your purchase will be recognized and linked to your purchase of the lens.

Q: Do I need to pay taxes or can I claim VAT back on cashback?

Participants shall be solely responsible for paying any taxes that they are required to pay by law and Canon shall not be responsible or liable toward Participants for any damage, losses or expenses incurred by Participants due to lack of or delay of such tax payments. Also, Canon cannot advise on any of tax return procedures. Please check with your local tax authorities.

Q: What is my bank is charging me fee for transfer of my cashback?

Canon will transfer exact amount of cashback in local currency as advertised, however Canon cannot be held liable for occurring banking costs. In case the recipient’s bank charges extra fees/commission for it, that has to be borne by the consumer.

Q: What if I can’t register cashback online?

If you cannot use online registration and online form canon.co.uk/lens-promo, please contact Canon customer support on the following number +44 (0) 207 660 0186 to order paper form of registration form.

Q: Which dealers participate in this promotion? Where I can buy a camera?

Visit our where to buy section.