No compromise on quality!


The zoom lens on a Canon camera allows you to experiment and get creative without compromising on quality, be that if you’re out and about shooting in the city or getting close to nature out in the countryside.

A zoom lens is not just about enabling you to focus in on distant objects, like a wild animal or a full moon, it also gives you better results in all sorts of situations - from portraits to buildings to the food on your plate. That’s all down to the lens you use.

The smaller the number on your lens, the wider the perspective, which allows you to capture more of the scene – why not get funky with a fisheye lens, perfect for shooting interiors. Or use a wide-angle lens to take the excitement of a concert to a whole new level.

Take photos and videos of everyday life that feel real, or stunning portraits of your friends and family with a mid-range setting. Or choose the higher numbers to zoom in on far away things – from a few metres to a few hundred metres!

All Canon cameras use an optical zoom lens that opens a whole new world of creative freedom. Our DSLR and Mirrorless cameras also offer the option of using a variety of lenses, perfect for those who love greater creativity.

And that’s all you need to know! Of course, the fun way to learn is simply to start snapping away with your camera. It’s also the best approach for quickly understanding how using the zoom capability on your lens helps you to get the best results for any given situation.