Papercraft challenge 1: spring decor

In the first of a series of papercraft challenges, discover how designer Hannah Bullivant and her family crafted a seasonal tea party and spring decorations with a PIXMA printer and Creative Park.
Crafter Hannah Bullivant sits between two children at a table decorated for spring with papercraft flowers, eggs and bunnies, vases of tulips and hot cross buns.

Join us for the first of our seasonal series of papercraft challenges as we ask crafters and families to get creative with papercraft to celebrate occasions throughout the year.

In our first challenge, designer and craft enthusiast Hannah Bullivant, along with her children Frankie and Auden, used templates from Canon's Creative Park as the basis for a seasonal display to celebrate the start of springtime.

Challenge 1: spring decor

Papercraft rabbits, Easter eggs and a basket, made from Creative Park templates, on top of a pink Canon PIXMA printer.

Printing papercraft decor is a more affordable option for party accessories and means you can avoid buying single-use plastic decorations.

Whether it's flowers starting to bloom, lambs frolicking in fields or chocolate rabbits to enjoy, everyone welcomes the start of springtime. Making your own spring decorations is not only an affordable way to brighten up your home, you can also recycle your paper templates afterwards or keep them for future events.

Working with the theme of springtime, Hannah had to choose a papercraft project that would appeal to everyone. "I decided to create a spring tea party for my children, combining activities all of us enjoy," she says.

Find out how Hannah and her family handled the challenge, and discover her top tips for making your own papercraft spring decor.

Designer Hannah Bullivant cutting out a Canon Creative Park template.

Meet the creator

Who: Hannah Bullivant

What: Interior stylist, designer and papercraft enthusiast

Also taking part: Frankie and Auden
A child's hands cutting out a Creative Park Easter egg template on a desk covered with Canon photo paper, templates and crafting tools.

Hannah wanted to get her children, Frankie and Auden, involved in the project so she selected a range of spring-themed templates of varying difficulty levels.

Choosing and printing your templates

A Canon PIXMA printer with a Creative Park rabbit template in the output tray.

Canon's range of PIXMA printers are ideal for crafting projects, offering compatibility with a range of different paper types and apps.

Hands holding a smartphone displaying a Creative Park rabbit template in the Canon Creative Park app.

Hannah connected to the Creative Park app from her smartphone and found it simple to use when printing templates. "It was easy to access the downloads, and refreshingly easy to connect to my Canon PIXMA printer; it was all seamless," she says.

The range of templates on Creative Park means there are some suitable for little ones and also more complex templates for adults, meaning everyone can get involved. "There are so many projects available for so many different events and celebrations," says Hannah. "I love that some are quite simple and some are more complex. You could spend days crafting if you wanted to, but there are also easier templates, such as garlands, that are really simple."

Hannah chose to make 3D flowers, larger flowers from a string decoration, bees and an Easter set, including a basket and eggs. She also selected a rabbit template to go with the seasonal theme.

Papercraft flowers can brighten up your home whatever the season. A freshly picked bloom will bring colour into your home for a few days, but a freshly printed one will last much longer. You'll find a simple and bright single gerbera papercraft flower in Creative Park's Plants section along with many other flora varieties such as a tulip, a lily and a sunflower, so you could even have a go at crafting your own spring paper flower bouquet.

You can also personalise the templates, adding dots of paint to the eggs, for instance, or even adjusting the ears on the rabbit template before glueing them on to create a range of unique bunnies. Use the designs as a starting point and then let your imagination do the rest.

Once you've chosen your templates you can print directly from your smartphone using the Creative Park app.

Assembling your springtime decor

A young boy cuts out a Creative Park flower template with a pair of scissors.

"Frankie and Auden helped with choosing which templates to make, as well as some of the cutting and glueing – and of course, they thoroughly enjoyed the spring tea party afterwards," says Hannah.

Hands folding a papercraft rabbit made from a Canon Creative Park template.

It might not be obvious at the start how the template folds together, but the step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. Hannah's favourite template was the small rabbit. "The little bunny is so sweet," she says. "The folds suddenly make sense and you create this very cute little bunny."

When you have printed and cut out all of your templates it's a good idea to score the lines with a ruler before folding and glueing. This will give your template a better shape when finished.

Once everything has been cut out and folded, it's time to start glueing. For more fiddly designs you could use a glue gun, but glue dots or a glue stick will also work just fine. A toothpick dipped in glue can be useful for smaller parts. Make sure the glue has dried before putting all the parts of your design together.

"The crafting takes time but it's quite meditative once you get into it," says Hannah. "Enjoy the process. This isn't a quick-to-finish craft, but something that requires a little more time. Choose an audiobook or podcast you enjoy, slow down and enjoy the making."

Each Creative Park design has a star rating signifying its difficulty level so if you're new to papercrafting, or have less time for your project, you can choose an alternative template.

Displaying your papercraft creations

A table covered with Creative Park papercraft decorations, flowers in vases and several plates of food including eggs and hot cross buns.

Creating a unique papercraft tablescape with seasonal flowers and complementary tableware adds a lovely personal touch if you're hosting a party.

A young girl kneels down alongside a flower border, holding a papercraft basket filled with papercraft eggs in one hand and a papercraft egg in the other.

More than just stunning table decor, these Creative Park papercraft ideas can also provide plenty of fun for little ones. Hannah's children used the papercraft basket and eggs for an Easter egg hunt in their garden – a great way to encourage some outdoor activity after an indoor crafting session.

Hannah decided to decorate her spring table with a combination of papercraft models, vases of daffodils and tulips, hot cross buns and chocolate eggs, but you can display your decor however you like. Why not try attaching flowers or butterflies to your kitchen window frame with adhesive putty, or punch holes through your designs to thread a piece of string through to create a springtime garland. Or you could have a go at crafting your own butterfly-themed home decorations.

After the tea party, Hannah and her children decided to keep some of the templates, such as the little rabbits, but recycled the rest. "I always try to minimise plastic waste for birthdays and events, so I'd definitely look at Creative Park projects again," she says.

A young boy smiles as he holds a papercraft bee, made from a Creative Park template, alongside a vase of tulips.

Springtime papercrafting is not only a fun family activity, it could also be a great opportunity to get your children interested in nature and wildlife. "Auden loved playing with the bees, pretending they were flying and pollinating the fresh flowers on the table," says Hannah.

A young girl places a purple papercraft flower in a recycling box.

Canon Matte Photo Paper can be recycled alongside your regular paper/card recycling (always check your local recycling guidelines).

Hannah says she will be keeping an eye out for the next papercraft challenge, themed on a summer picnic, as she is always looking for craft ideas and creative projects to keep her children occupied during the school holidays.

For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest page and share your own spring decor creations using the #MadeWithPixma hashtag.

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