High quality, low costs, large volume: Meet the PIXMA G640 and G540 MegaTank printers

Take a deep dive into the new PIXMA MegaTank printers and find out why they're ideal for business owners and perfect in your home office.
A Canon PIXMA G540 printer surrounded by colourful 4x6 printed photographs.

Whether you're running a photo kiosk, a portrait studio or a graphic design bureau, high image quality and low printing costs are important to your business. The latest Canon PIXMA MegaTank printers – the PIXMA G640 and PIXMA G540 – can produce detailed prints that last a lifetime. The money you can save thanks to their impressive ink yields will be as attractive as the prints themselves. Find out how much you spend on printing with our calculator.

Both printers take advantage of an all-new six-colour ChromaLife100 dye ink set that's formulated to stand the test of time: lasting up to 100 years in a photo album when the images are printed onto Canon Plus Glossy II PP-201 paper. Whether you’re printing for customers or for use in personal photo albums, you can be assured of quality that lasts a lifetime.

Delivering a step-change in colour quality, the PIXMA G640 and PIXMA G540 ink set includes dedicated red and grey dyes that give prints added vibrancy. The introduction of red ink provides an expanded colour gamut that unlocks richer tones, while the grey ink boosts colours in dark areas for enhanced contrast and a more lifelike feel. Another benefit of a dedicated grey ink tank is that colours are reproduced with greater stability, giving consistent results across different types of photo paper– meaning bolder prints for your business.

Print up to 3,800 4x6 photos from one tank

A Canon PIXMA G640 with a camera on the top, surrounded by photo prints.

Additional red and grey ink expand the colour gamut, producing richer, more dynamic photo prints than is capable with a four-colour ink set.

The PIXMA G640 and PIXMA G540 have high-capacity refillable ink tanks, providing a far more convenient and cost-effective way to print than having to constantly order and replace single-use ink cartridges. What's more, both the PIXMA G650 and PIXMA G550 photo printers are very efficient and yield an extremely high volume of prints – up to 3,8001 4x6-inch photographs from a single set of ink bottles.

Refilling the tanks couldn't be simpler. The bottles and ink tank caps are colour coded, and each inlet is shaped in such a way that only the correct ink bottle will fit, ensuring error-free filling. You don't have to squeeze the bottles, and they automatically stop injecting ink when the tank becomes full – even the ink tap caps are designed to be easy to hold. It all makes for mess-free maintenance, as well as clean hands.

A hand picking up a photo of some tomatoes that has just printed out of a PIXMA G series printer.

The PIXMA G640 and PIXMA G540's six-colour dye ink set delivers high-quality images and long-lasting prints thanks to the ChromaLife100 formulation.

A hand pouring a bottle of red ink into a PIXMA G series printer with other bottles beside it.

The PIXMA G640 and PIXMA G540 printers are designed for easy servicing, including stress-free ink refills and straightforward replacement of the ink maintenance cartridge.

To reduce downtime, the PIXMA G640 and PIXMA G540 photo printers offer improved paper feeding accuracy and a high capacity of up to 100 A4 sheets. They also come with user-replaceable print heads2 and ink maintenance cartridges. Each model features a Full Dot LCD display too, so you can monitor the maintenance cartridge, adjust the print settings and identify any printing errors, making for seamless printing, every time.

Designed to be as easy to use as they are to maintain, the PIXMA G640 and PIXMA G540 offer wireless printing from a range of devices and are compatible with the Canon PRINT app, Mopria Print Service® and Apple AirPrint®.

An all-in-one printer

A PIXMA G640 photocopying an image.

The PIXMA G640 comes with built-in photocopying and scanning functionality, for all your home office needs.

A PIXMA G series printing out an image from a smartphone.

The PIXMA G640 and PIXMA G540 can be activated wirelessly with print instructions and will automatically turn themselves off after completing their tasks.

While both models share the same high-quality, high-volume printing capabilities, the PIXMA G640 adds a photocopying function and 600x1200 dpi scanner, making it the perfect all-in-one printer, easy to integrate into the workplace or a home office. The PIXMA G640 and PIXMA G540 models also have an automatic power on/off function. This energy-saving feature lets you send print jobs from a laptop, phone or Wi-Fi-enabled camera while you're working in a different location and have them waiting for you when you return. PIXMA Cloud Link compatibility means you can print pictures and documents from social media and photo sharing sites as well.

Maintaining the same high level of efficiency with A4 plain paper as they do with 6x4-inch photo prints, the PIXMA G640 and PIXMA G540 can print 8,000 A4 sheets with a single set of coloured ink bottles. You can also use them to print flyers and posters up to 1200mm size across A4-size sheets, via a free download of Canon's PosterArtist Lite software for Microsoft Windows.

The versatile PIXMA G650 and PIXMA G550 enable small business owners to provide a wide range of print services to clients at affordable prices. They're perfect for DIY photo booth operators and ID providers or marketing professionals who need to generate large volumes of posters, leaflets and other advertising material. If you're looking for a printer that offers capacity, convenience and low-cost printing, without compromising image quality, you won't want to miss these latest additions to the Canon MegaTank range.

Written by Marcus Hawkins

  1. Page yield is the estimated value based on Canon individual test method using the ISO/IEC 29103 chart and continuous printing simulation with the replacement after initial setup.
  2. Availability dependent on region.

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