Ferociously fast, at 15 fps and beyond

Transient moments, lasting fractions of a second, need a super-fast camera to record them. Enter the EOS R7 – a turbo-charged mirrorless camera for those shooting action, sports and wildlife, as well as everyday photography.
 Canon EOS R7 - Benefit -  Speed & Performance

It’s capable of capturing up to 15 RAW + JPEG files every second using its mechanical shutter, and up to 30 fps with its silent electronic shutter 1 . All with simultaneous AF tracking and autoexposure. A larger memory buffer lets you shoot up to 51 RAW files or 224 JPEG images in a single 15fps burst2 .

The camera’s electronic shutter has a top shutter speed of just 1/16,000 second, allowing photographers to freeze the fastest motion, as well as use wide apertures in bright conditions to restrict depth of field.

When using the mechanical shutter, anti-flicker shooting is also available – great for indoor sports or events photography. This activates automatically if flickering artificial light is detected, and times each shot to coincide with the peak brightness of the flickering light. The result is consistent exposures, from one image to the next.

RAW burst shooting

Photographers can choose to capture bursts of RAW images, captured at up to 30fps, as a single file, which helps to keep the large number of frames organised. Individual RAW images can then be extracted or processed into JPEG or HEIF files.

When Pre-shooting is enabled, the camera will record images from 0.5 sec before the shutter release is pressed, meaning you’ll always capture the moment – even if it happened before you reacted. It’s a great tool for photographing wildlife, when you’re waiting for a unique instant in time.

Canon EOS R7 - RAW Burst Shooting

Built to react fast

You’ll notice the EOS R7 fast, responsive handling from the first moment you pick it up. A powerful DIGIC X image processor ensures virtually instant start-up and superb responsiveness, so you’ll always be ready for the moment.

Images can be saved to fast UHS-II SD memory cards – there’s space for two, thanks to the camera’s dual card slots.

The DIGIC X processor also powers the EOS R7 superb AF tracking and continuous shooting abilities. When using fast UHS-II SD memory cards, bursts of 51 RAW files, 187 CRAW files or 224 JPEG files can be captured at rates up to 15fps with the camera’s mechanical shutter. When using the electronic shutter at an incredible 30fps, bursts1 of up to 42 RAW files, 93 CRAW files and 126 JPEG files2.

Canon DIGIC X Processor

The camera’s controls are laid out instinctively, so they fall naturally under your fingers and thumbs with the camera at your eye. A combined AF multicontroller and control wheel is located conveniently close to the thumb grip, so you won’t have to take your eye away from the viewfinder to adjust AF point, change settings or flip through images. Touch-and-drag selection of AF points is also possible using the camera’s touch screen.

Canon EOS R7 - AF Point Selector

Fluid motion, captured perfectly on video

The EOS R7 is also a great tool for capturing fast-moving objects on video, like sports and wildlife. Simply flick the power switch from ‘stills’ to ‘movies’ and you’ll be ready to capture 4K footage at frame rates up to 60p, and Full HD at up to 120p. Movement is reproduced in fluid motion, and when footage is slowed down, intricate details are revealed in smooth slow motion.

A viewfinder that’s a joy to use

The EOS R7 has a comfortable and responsive 2.36 million dot electronic viewfinder (EVF) that delivers a crystal-clear view of the world around you. Preview exactly what you’ll capture when you press the shutter-release button, from exposure and white balance to depth of field and Picture Style. You can even review pictures in detail using the EVF.

And because it’s customisable, you can choose to display just the right level of shooting information in the camera’s EVF, so you can stay informed but not distracted. EOS R7 users can also choose between Smooth mode (120fps refresh rate) and Power Saving mode (60fps refresh rate).

Canon EOS R7 - Easy to Use

For those coming from DSLR cameras, the EOS R7 EVF has an OVF Assist mode that simulates the experience of an optical viewfinder – showing as much dynamic range and tonal gradation as possible. It’s a DSLR-like experience from a new mirrorless camera system.

  1. Continuous shooting speed may vary depending on various conditions, see specifications for details.
  2. Under Canon testing standards with 32GB UHS-II card (during One-Shot AF, ISO 100. Standard Picture Style) Number of images depends on various settings and lens used. For details on supported lenses, refer to "cam.start.canon"

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