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Connect, upload and share anywhere

Versatile and flexible, EOS R includes the latest connectivity features to share your images to other devices and makes it easy to send, geotag and back-up your important work.

Sharing is simple

EOS R offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, making it easy to connect and share to your smartphone and other devices. The built-in Bluetooth uses an always on low-energy protocol to links up to compatible devices automatically via the Canon Camera Connect app. Review, share and capture remote live view images and video with just a single tap.

Transfer and back-up on the move

EOS R can automatically send images direct to a paired phone, tablet or computer via the Canon Camera Connect app. All you need is turn on the Wi-Fi connection to your mobile, or a Wi-Fi link to your computer. It’s a useful function for anyone who needs to instantly back-up their work, such as photojournalists working in sensitive shooting situations.

Adding GPS data

Landscape and travel photographers will love EOS R’s GPS via Mobile facility. When you’re shooting while connected to a compatible smart device via Bluetooth, EOS R can collect GPS data and automatically add it to your images using the Canon Camera Connect app. It makes identifying locations easy and provides a useful editing feature for when you’re back home.

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Adding GPS data

Control your camera remotely

Another feature offered by the Canon Camera Connect app that brings greater shooting flexibility is the ability to operate EOS R remotely. It allows you to shoot in situations where it’s difficult to physically operate the camera or might frighten off the subject, such as when photographing or filming wildlife.

Tethering via Wi-Fi or USB

If you’re working in a studio with a team around you, EOS R can be tethered to your PC or Mac via Wi-Fi or USB 3.1 so you can all instantly see and review your images and make necessary adjustments.

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