ONYX Textile

ONYX Textile

ONYX® Textile is software designed specifically for the large format textile and wall decoration market and is available as an application specific edition of ONYX® Thrive and ONYX® RIP solutions.


  • All the capabilities of ONYX® Thrive and ONYX® RIP solutions
  • Array of rich features specific to textile and wall decoration print requirements
  • Powerful productivity tools, including Step-and-Repeat
  • Disproportionate scaling capabilities
  • Colourways and colour swatch books
  • Ink configuration builder
  • Powerful colour innovations, including Chromaboost™ and spectral calibration
  • Speciality and spot colour ink restriction
  • Easily add custom sewing and hemming marks to reduce finishing time
  • Enhanced cutting technologies.

Detailed Features

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Step and repeat

Simplify design by quickly creating edge-to-edge patterns using vertical and horizontal repeats, rotate and mirror options, and the ability to add image offsets. You can save time when creating full-bleed repeats without any need for third-party applications.

Colour swatch books

Print different variations of specific colours and quickly determine the best match
between the actual desired colour and printed output, helping save time and reduce materials wastage.

Sewing marks

Easily add marks for sewing and hemming output to reduce finishing time.

Job previewing

Preview jobs before submitting them to print for predictable results. Individual preview images are now colour managed and there is also a larger job properties
preview available.

Brighter colours in low gamut

ONYX® ChromaBoost™ can improve the appearance of bright colours in low gamut situations, increasing Chroma by as much as 40%.

Product Specification

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