Successful on-demand production through automation

Edubook invested in a cost-effective solution to increase their production efficiency

“We have integrated all our printers and finishing equipment in a company-wide workflow, achieving a level of automation of around 75-80%.”

Sergio Nobile, Managing Director, Edubook AG
Sergio Nobile, Managing Director, Edubook AG

Increased flexibility and automation

On-demand, digital print services provider Edubook AG decided to invest in a cost-effective and sustainable solution both to manage the increased demand for single-copy and short print runs and to provide greater media flexibility and print quality. The solution also needed to be integrated into a company-wide automated workflow.

This was achieved when Edubook installed a Canon varioPRINT iX3200 in 2021 that, like the ColorStream 6900 Chroma already in place, is ideally suited to automated workflows and was tightly integrated within the workflow across the entire company.

As a result, Edubook is now able to operate on a regular day-shift pattern and a five-day working week, resulting in a better working environment and reduced labour costs.

Increased media flexibility and quality

The company’s investment in the press was also driven by the desire to expand its product offering to a more diverse range of customers within industrial markets, associations, publishers and printers. This desire became a reality thanks to the offset-like print quality and high media flexibility of the Canon varioPRINT iX3200.

Edubook was impressed by the printer’s ability to produce register-accurate reprints, eliminating the need for stock-keeping and for disposing of old printed material. This enabled them to embrace more sustainable production practices.

Stefan Hodel, Sales & Marketing Manager, Edubook AG

“With on-demand production, only the exact number of copies required is printed, eliminating the need to dispose of any unwanted prints.”

Stefan Hodel, Sales & Marketing Manager, Edubook AG

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