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Focus on running your business and let our Certified Partners take care of your plotter. With Canon eService, you pay only for the inks you consume. Spare parts and on-site service are included.
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The 5 key benefits of eService for Canon imagePROGRAF

  1. Pay only for the ink you use! You will always pay a fixed price for the quantity of ink consumed.
  2. Everything is included! You don’t have to worry about warranty, printheads, maintenance cartridges, spare parts and on-site service. You will be notified in advance when something needs to be replaced and the maintenance team will take care of it.
  3. Secure online remote monitoring. With your plotter connected to a secure cloud service, we can monitor its status, react if any issue occurs and provide service or maintenance on time.
  4. Get your ink on time. Thanks to the real-time plotter monitoring and notification system we know about low ink levels on time and send you a new ink cartridge. As promised – you will never run out of inks anymore!
  5. Top level support for worry-free work. With Canon eService you have the peace of mind focusing on your business and not worrying if your plotter is ready for the task ahead.

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Depending on your printing needs, we offer you flexible eService packages with prices, tailored to your print volumes. The more you print, the less you pay for 1 ml of ink.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits eService brings to me?

eService brings several exclusive benefits. Just to mention a few: a) access to more efficient service from the service supplier; b) automatic ink replenishment; c) pay for what you print – predictable ink costs with ml billing model; d) smoothed cash flow; e) full term service and support; f) maximized uptime.

What is covered and what is not covered by eService?

eService is implemented through Canon Accredited. Exact terms and conditions can vary. In general, the contract covered all consumed inks, spare parts, periodical maintenance, break and fix. In addition, depends in your contract it may include a rental fee for a plotter, back up, certain service level (like a minimum reaction time). Check the details from Canon Accredited Partners.

What data is tracked by eService?

eService allows Canon partners to remotely monitor printers for error codes, warnings, ink levels and media usage. eService server is owned by Canon and is located in Europe.

What can I print with one milliliter (1 ml) of ink?

The ink consumption per sqm varies based on media type, print image and device, so it is not possible to give exact answer. However, on average, you may expect a consumption of 0.3-1.0 ml per 1 m2 for a colour or BW drawing, 2-6ml per 1 m2 for a poster, 6-12 ml per 1 m2 for a photo. Exact amount of inks per each print can be check via free Accounting Manager software, or directly from a plotter via print log.

How is measured the ink consumption?

Each ink droplet that is ejected from the print head is counted by the printer and recorded. The printer records all ink usage including that used for both printing and printer maintenance operations, such as periodic head cleaning.

How does monitoring work?

Data is collected through an agent software installed in a PC or server continuously linked to the printer. The raw data is generated by the printer, and the agent collects and sends it to the LFP Monitor - is the online platform that allows you to access to eService dashboards.

Can eService Agent be installed remotely?

Yes, it is possible to install eService agent software remotely be service technician of Canon accredited partners, without necessity of personal visit and personal contact.

What if I don’t use all inks what is included in quarterly fee?

The quarterly fee covers all expenses including certain amount of inks, weather you use these inks or not. The unused inks can’t be transfer to the next quarter, however, you can agree individually with Canon Accredited partner any intermediate solution.

What if I use more inks than included into a quarterly fee?

For each extra millilitre of inks, you pay fixed price – there is nothing to worry about, as you pay only as much as you actually print.

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