Canon PowerShot PX


Canon Connect app for Mini PTZ Cam

Connect your PowerShot PX to shoot, share and review the images and videos the camera recommends, plus a whole lot more.


See the PowerShot PX in action

Eimear has been using the PowerShot PX with her young family. See how the camera captures photos and videos, and allows her to be part of the action, or get involved with the app.
Canon PowerShot PX

Connect with the PowerShot PX app

It’s easy with the app. Set the camera to recognise your family members and recommend the best of many images the camera takes, by you or by itself, automatically.


    Transfer images and videos

    Images and videos from the PowerShot PX will appear on the app for you to view and share.


    Recommend the best ones

    Canon’s clever software recommends the best images and videos so you don’t have to.


    Know your family and friends

    In the app, it’s easy to set the camera to recognise particular people, so you’ll have more pictures of them.


    Control the PowerShot PX remotely

    When you want to take control, use the app to zoom, compose, and take photos and videos.


    Adjust settings via the app

    Access the settings for your PowerShot PX to make useful adjustments.

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Free to download

The PowerShot PX app is available for free download via the Apple App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

Canon PowerShot PX


Canon PowerShot PX

When you want to capture life’s precious moments, but also want to be in them, the PowerShot PX is ideal – following the action, framing people intelligently and creatively with amazing results.