Through a lens with Nehemias Colindres

Photographer and filmmaker, Nehemias Colindres, shares his top three tutorials for shooting movies: shooting a vignette, filmmaker advice and through a lens.

When I first began thinking about this project, I was instantly excited. 24 hours in Berlin to reflect the heart and soul of a city through the lens of a camera.

I'd wanted to get my hands on the Canon EOS C300 that I'd heard so much about. It was advertised as the step up from the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, I wanted to find out and not just from your average Vimeo tutorial. I wanted to see if it could handle my style of shooting.

So we used the Canon EOS C300 and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, also, we used an older set of Canon K-35 prime lenses. I usually like to use older lenses so we were really impressed by the quality of glass and by the images we were able to produce.

For the concert scene, we didn't exactly have much say in how things were playing out so we had to be ready to capture anything. We were able to shoot a few key portraits with the members that gave the film much more feeling.

In capturing the dancer we also had to be vigilant considering her dance is more interpretive than choreographed. I was able to curb her in certain aspects to get particular shots and movements but we were running around with her and just trying to keep up and the camera was up to the job.

That helped us immensely in this scene was shooting everything at 50 frames per second because some of her movements are so quick that I think otherwise the audience might miss them. It also goes really well with her style and in the edit we were able to bring out more emotion.

We shot the entire film over the course of a day. In the beginning I sat with Steve Ellery – the businessman in the final scene - and I set out a challenge for him. I didn't tell him how I thought it should end.

I always like to allow room for those beautiful mistakes that can bring a film to the next level. The punk kids were all street-cast and I had them do things they would normally do. They usually cut each others' hair so I decided to shoot that; Overall, I wanted to observe them and their lifestyle without too much direction and I think they responded really well.

In the end I feel the Canon EOS C300 is definitely a step up but if you need to be flexible, though I would also recommend also shooting with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III as it still provides great low light flexibility.