Screentec delivers the world in full colour

South Wales-based Screentec began to witness a changing marketplace in which customers saw how print could go beyond the realms of high volume, limited colour to that of bespoke, short-run products produced in boundless shades. The key to staying on top was to embrace the world of digital print, and to embrace it quickly.

Today, having added two Océ Arizona wide format printers to its armoury, Screentec has increased turnover by more than 40 per cent, branched into online sales and developed unique ways to combine the power of digital, screen and litho printing methods to bring customers a once unimaginable range of products and services. Most importantly for Screentec, since bringing digital into the mix with printers from Canon, the company has never missed a customer deadline.


"If I could sum up being a Canon customer in one word, it would be ‘relieved’. From the reliability and flexibility of the machines to the service and support offered by staff and engineers, I would find it hard to pick fault anywhere."

Darren James, Managing Director