Arizona 2300 series

The Arizona 2300 series with Arizona FLOW technology provide the optimum in print quality and versatility for both rigid and flexible media applications.

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Arizona 2300 series

up to 95 m2/hr

print speed

1.25 x 2.5 meter


2.5 x 3.08 meter




Explore unlimited creativity, accuracy and quality

The Arizona 2300 series consists of true flatbed printers based on UVcurable ink. Quick, reliable and low-maintenance, the latest Arizona printer provides the optimum in print quality and versatility for both rigid and flexible media applications. Enjoy a mind-blowing application range, instanton capability and self-learning technology that will help you further your expertise – and business.

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Let your creativity flow

Design complex jobs once, and then easily adapt and repeat to save time on future projects. The new Arizona 2300 series is designed to serve the versatile printing needs of printers who require production capacity of up to 30,000 m2/year.

You've got options

Rock-solid in its basic configuration and ready for upgrades such as roll media and additional ink channels, including our brightest ever white UV ink or varnish for stunning applications.

Global leader

As the global leader in large format imaging systems, Canon has set the market standard for productivity, instant operation, reliable performance and amazing quality.

Let your creativity flow

Arizona FLOW technology

An airflow technique combined with a zone-less, multiorigin table layout; less masking, easy job switching and versatile, accurate and productive multi-board or double-sided printing.

Arizona 2300 benefits

Smart Productivity Smart  Productivity

Smart Productivity

- Goodbye costly masking 
- Welcome multiple boards and free-forms 
- Sellable quality up to 95 m2/hr 
- Automation for experts

Ultimate Versatility Ultimate  Versatility

Ultimate Versatility

- Rigid & flexible media
- Modular design
- Unlimited creative applications

Exceptional Quality Exceptional  Quality

Exceptional Quality

- Photorealistic quality
- Brightest white & clearest varnish
- Highest print registration

Sustainable by Nature Sustainable by Nature

Sustainable by Nature

- Lowest power and ink consumption
- Contributing to the circular economy
- Certified environmental safe

An entirely new dimension with PRISMAelevate XL

The Arizona 2300 series can be equipped with PRISMAelevate XL software that consists of two main components enabling you to design and print jaw-dropping textured designs with incredible ease. This fascinating technology offers a wealth of new, pioneering applications that will set you apart from the competition.

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PRISMAguide XL functionality: Imagine - print - learn - repeat

PRISMAguide XL functionality: Imagine - print - learn - repeat

What if your printer could learn from what you do? The Arizona 2300 series can do just that, with the self-learning capacity of the integrated PRISMAguide XL functionality. Intuitively design your complex, multi-layered project once and then print it over and over again.

More about PRISMAguide XL

Print on many media and surfaces

Suitable for oddly shaped, heavy, smooth or pre-cut media, unusual media (canvas, wood, tile, glass, etc.) or objects, and images tiled over multiple large board. Edge-to-edge (full bleed) printing without hassle or mess. For media or objects of any size up to 2.5 x 3.08 meters with the XTF models

Arizona 2300 series

True flatbed printers based on UV-curable ink

A healthy working environment

Canon actively strives to offer solutions and options to lower costs, minimise environmental impact and create a safe working environment.

To support these goals, the Arizona 2300 series offers low ink and energy consumption. The Canon LED-UV inks are UL GREENGUARD Gold certified which means our prints are safe for all your customers, including schools, hotels and hospitals.

All Arizona printers are fully tested and safety certified. Furthermore, we offer an Air Filtration Option, to maintain a healthy working environment.

A healthier working environment

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