Canon Arizona 1300 GT Series

Specifications in detail

Arizona 1300 GT

Printing Technology

4/6/8-channel piezoelectric inkjet system using VariaDot® imaging technology; with one 636-nozzle, variable droplet printhead per channel.


1340 GT: CMYK 1360 GT: CMYK+WW/V 1380 GT: CMYK+WW/V +cm

Variable droplet sizes from 6 to 42 picoliters. The ability to vary the drop size to 6 picoliters produces sharp images with smoother gradients and quartertones. The ability to jet larger droplets up to 42 picoliters produces uniform colors. The result is near-photographic quality with sharpness only before seen at resolutions of 1,440 dpi or higher. Text as small as 2 pt. is perfectly legible (with High Definition mode).

Print ModesArizona 13x0 GTFlatbedRMO
  1340 GT    1360 GT    1380 GT    m2/h    ft2/h    m2/h    ft2/h  
High-Key o o o50.9547.938.6415.5
Express o o o34.2 368.125.8277.7
Production-Fast   o25.2 271.318.8202.4
Production o o o20.8 223.917183.0
Quality o o o14.6 157.212129.2
Quality-Matte o o o10.4 111.97.985.0
Quality-Density o o o 7.9 85.06.367.8
Quality-Layered (2)  o o 7.3 78.6664.6
Quality-Layered (3)  o o 4.8 51.7443.1
Fine Art o o o11.7 125.99.5102.3
High Definition o o o 6.2 66.7664.6
Varnish (High Gloss)  o o ~4 43.1n.a.n.a.

Ink System

IJC357 UV-curable inks packed in quick-change, 2 liter bags for: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light Cyan, Light Magenta. White and Varnish packed in 1 liter bags.

System Architecture

True flatbed for rigid media printing with available Roll Media Option for flexible media printing.

Geometric Accuracy

 Measured OverMaximum Error
  Flatbed    RMO    Flatbed    RMO  
Line length (system width)2,500 mm2,190 mm± 0.8 mm± 0.6 mm
Line length (system height)1,250 mm2,000 mm± 0.4 mm± 1.5 mm
Line straightness (system width)2,500 mm2,190 mm0.7 mm0.7 mm
Line straightness (system height)1,250 mm2,000 mm0.5 mm2.0 mm
Diagonal Error (“square-ness”) 1,250x2,500 mm  2,000x2,190 mm 1.0 mm2.5 mm

Rigid Media

Maximum Area: 125 x 250 cm / 49.2 x 98.4 inches
Maximum Thickness: 50.8 mm / 2.0 inches Maximum
Mass: 34 kg/m2 / 7 lbs/ft2

Rigid Media Print Area

Up to: 126 x 251 cm / 49.6 x 98.8 inches (for edge-to-edge printing)

Media Roll Specification

90 to 220 cm / 35.4 to 86.6 inches. Up to 50 kg / 110 lbs (at any width). Maximum diameter: 240 mm (9.45 inches). Core: 3 inches (inside). Bias: Print-side-in or print-side-out. Most types (application dependent)

Roll Media Print Width

Up to 219 cm / 86.2 inches

Image Processing

ONYX® Thrive™ 18 (421 configuration or greater recommended)


10/100/1000 Base-T

Canon Arizona Xpert

Arizona Xpert offers a unique tool set to save time and money in the creation of complex, multi-layered and duplex applications. The “ Arizona Xpert Resale license” and the “Add Arizona Xpert Permission” are included with every Arizona 1300 printer and require ONYX Thrive to be installed.

Electrical Power / Compressed Air

2 x 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single-phase, 16A per circuit Circuit Breakers: North America: 20A. Europe: 16A. ROW: See CB Scheme Report Clean, dry, compressed air using a Coalescing Filter. Pressure Regulator set to 690 kPa (100 psi) and connects air regulator to ½ inch or 12mm OD air tubing. Peak flow: 57 l/min at 690 kPa (2 cfm at 100 psi)


Temperature: 18˚ to 30˚ C (64˚ to 86˚ F) Relative humidity: 30 to 70% (non-condensing) Ventilation: 1,200 m3 per hour / 700 cfm minimum (see Site Preparation Guide) Altitude: 2,750 m (9,020 feet) maximum, however some components specify a limit of 2,000 m (6,560 feet)


Printer only: 4.66 m x 2.0 m (183.5” x 78.7”), 849 kg (1,871 lbs.) Printer + Roll Media Option: 4.66 m x 2.29 m (183.5” x 90.2”), 1,099 kg (2,423 lbs.) Table height: 0.88 m (34.6”) / Overall height: 1.3 m (51.2”)