Antonius Hypercare improves patient health and safety with Canon security cameras

Antonius HyperCare, an independent treatment centre in the Netherlands, practicing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, is located on the grounds of the Antonius Hospital, Sneek. It features a decompression chamber which is pressurised for a variety of medical functions. This includes treatments to promote the healing of wounds in diabetes sufferers and treatment for divers suffering from decompression sickness. Ten patients can sit inside the pressurised chamber for up to two hours at a time, while oxygen is delivered via a mask. By law, every decompression chamber has to be fitted with monitoring camera as due to the nature of the therapy, side effects such as light-headedness, fatigue, and ear pain can occur. Patients therefore have to be closely observed at all times to ensure they aren’t showing signs of oxygen toxicity.


"Installing the Canon’s network security cameras was a fantastic decision, both for their high quality and the impact they’ve made to our day to day jobs. The results were instantaneous."

“HyperCare is more productive, more efficient and more pleasant today, thanks to the new Canon cameras.”

René Groot, General Manager