Local – Supporting community projects and employee volunteering

Canon engages with a variety of community partners. Our offices throughout EMEA support projects that make a difference in their own local communities from environmental conservation and biodiversity to education, social welfare and volunteering. Our customers and employees often live near our offices and our operations impact them and the local community. It is our policy to support projects that will help those local people, areas and surrounding habitats.

We encourage our local offices to support our regional partnerships with the Red Cross and many do. Some examples are below and more can be found in our sustainability report.

  • Red Cross: Canon Spain, Belgium and Austria employees gave blood via Red Cross blood banks, while Canon France encouraged employees and customers to donate to typhoon Haiyan.

Read more about our partnership with the Red Cross.

Employee volunteering
As local residents themselves, our employees know what support is needed in their local communities. They volunteer their own time and efforts to support a wide variety of causes and activities, ranging from sponsored runs to environmental clean-ups. We have volunteering guidelines for managers and employees across the region, to encourage participation in an appropriate and business-focused way and maximise our support.

In 2013, employees volunteered over 3,100 hours inside and outside working hours supporting community projects.

Community support
Our offices and employees engage in a variety of projects with local charities and organisations, offering sponsorship, donations and in-kind support. This may range from printing posters to sporting events. Examples of these activities are shown below and more can be found in our sustainability report.

  • Social Welfare: Canon Middle East supported a local autism awareness campaign
  • Sport: Canon South Africa enabled disabled young people to try golf as a sport; employees in Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe took part in cycle to work and running events
  • Education: Canon Germany printed posters for an exhibition about illiteracy; Canon UK hosted a careers fair for school students
  • Environment: Canon Eurasia and Canon Spain supported reforestation projects
  • Volunteering: South African employees helped repair a centre for disadvantaged children; Dutch employees accompanied elderly people on an outing.

Other links
As a major local employer, Canon forges links with education bodies such as schools and universities. Employees may go into schools to speak about work, the environment and other topics. With universities, our links include attending open days to talk about working at Canon; running competitions (such as sales challenges); and mentoring. We also provide work experience and internships where practicable.

Sustainability Reports
Canon Europe sustainability report