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Canon is a company that is constantly changing for the better. With annual net sales of Yen 3,467-billion and providing employment for about 110,000 people in more than 200 companies, Canon strives to be a truly excellent company that is trusted the world over. In choosing, Canon products users are provided with style, technology innovation and peace-of-mind quality.

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They are also assured that they supporting a company guided by a philosophy, Kyosei, which means living and working for the common good. This philosophy ensures that Canon takes step to care for the environment and communities in all geographies in which it operates. Canon is recognised in the organisation rankings put in place by globally recognised publications:

  • Business Week places the brand in position 35 among the best global brands
  • Fortune placed Canon at number 30 in its All Star list for the World’s most admired companies in 2005 and at number 5 in the computer industry. The rankings were based on worldwide survey of 10,000 directors, executives and security analysts at major companies
  • Financial Times placed Canon at number 25 among the world’s most respected companies and Canon Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Fujio Mitarai as the 10th in the world’s most respected company leaders. Rankings provided by more than 1000 respondents from 25 countries


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